Pricing | HIS VIGOR | Erectile Dysfunction Rx | Plans start at $5/ month
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VIGOR offers a subscription service with two simple and affordable options.

Monthly Subscription Options

1-month plan: 8 doses of Sildenafil for $48. You will be eligible to refill your prescription once every 30 days with this plan.

3-month plan: 24 doses of Sildenafil for $120. You will be eligible to refill your prescription once every 90 days with this plan.

Choose from two different order fulfillment options..

Choose our Mail-Order Pharmacy Option

Our mail-order option is very convenient. Customers choosing this option will have orders discretely delivered to their selected mailing address. When it is time to reorder the process is automatic as long as your subscription is active.

We will notify you that your order is about to be processed, automatically, charge your credit card, and automatically deliver your order.

Choose our Local Pharmacy Option

Our local pharmacy option gives you the ultimate choice. You pick from the thousands of local pharmacy locations in our pharmacy network. Your prescription will be available at the pharmacy you select for pickup at your convenience. You just download and take your VIGOR member ID card to the pharmacy.

Your VIGOR member ID card is always available in the VIGOR Member Center. The pharmacy will use the VIGOR member ID card in place of any other insurance plan you may have. We will notify you when it is time to get your next order. Your credit card will be automatically charged. At that time you will request a refill from your selected pharmacy and then pick it up as you would with any other prescription. With our local pharmacy option, you control and direct the process.

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