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When I started this process I remember saying, “this is really slick!” I was very excited to find a way to see a doctor about ED in an online setting. I knew I had a problem but was putting off dealing with it. With VIGOR I was able to connect with a doctor who reviewed my case quickly and issued a prescription that was sent directly to my home. I am a very satisfied customer! Jay A
My husband had been ignoring the problem for a long time. Using hisVIGOR.com I was able to start the conversation with him and encourage him to seek treatment in a very private place. He was reluctant at first but he decided to buy the subscription and complete the questionnaire. He was surprised how easy it was and it made us wonder why it took us this long to do something so easy. VIGOR has really helped us as a couple! Margo X
I was so relieved to find hisVIGOR.com! I didn’t really think I had a big problem but occasionally I thought that I may want to seek medical treatment. After seeing how easy it was to visit with a virtual physician I wanted to explore further. After reviewing the medical questionnaire that I completed online the physician decided treatment was right for me. What a difference! I have my full confidence back. Mark M